From the Days of the Demoscene

The demoscene isn’t gone, it’s just a bit more underground than it ever was to begin with. After all, the demoscene itself grew out of piracy and bragging screens where a given group would take credit for the cracked programme you were installing on your computer. It soon caught on that you didn’t have to pirate a programme to see a stunning audiovisual presentation on your computer.

So when you dig on this video you might think, “Wow, they did some amazing things with the Commodore 64 back then!” And you’d be right, except that this video was made in 2010. Just like the classic 8 bit sound of chiptunes, the demoscene brings the visual side of retro to the forefront. I love this kind of thing, and hope you dig it too.


Homer, Jethro, and the Funny Musician

I was a pretty fortunate kid. See, when I was growing up I had access to a really decent record player and a large collection of my parents’ vinyl. My parents are to be totally credited with my, um, shall we say “eclectic“? Yes, my eclectic taste in music. My dad is from North Carolina and had a massive collection of bluegrass albums while my mom had a taste for rock and doo wop. They both have wonderful senses of humour so they had some comedy albums too.

And it was there I began.

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