So, I’m Moving To Tumblr Introducing Euphemystique

So I want to simplify my blogging and online sharing and stuff….

Bibliosophs started a few years ago when a bunch of librarians had an idea to do some collective, creative work. While I’m still friends with all of those librarians, they’ve had their own projects and whims and I wound up doing everything on Bibliosophs, from blogging to galleries and so on. That’s fine, don’t get me wrong, but in the end, Bibliosophs was kind of supposed to be an “us” not “me.”

There are things that I want to write about, images I want to post, and things I want to do online that have been held back by the idea that I never considered Bibliosophs to be wholly mine. Over the next month or two, I’m going to be shifting things around here and rearranging things so that I feel a little more comfortable doing the things I’ve wanted to do, but for my blogging, writing, and image junky stuff… let me introduce you to Euphemystique.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not abandoning WordPress and I still use it for what is rapidly becoming the Cyberpunk Librarian Podcast Network. However for my personal blogging, for sharing cool image I found, or a nifty video, or a song, or anything else? WordPress is way too much of a good thing. It’s a fantastic CMS for more involved blogging and content.

Thing is, my personal blogging and sharing doesn’t need to be involved. Indeed I want something very quick, very easy, where I can share something right now and have it go up without a whole lot of work. With WordPress you need to create a post, give it a title, add a featured image, write the post, tag it, categorize it, and it’s up. With Tumblr, I can do all of that too — but I don’t have to.

So, welcome to Euphemystique, my new place online. Follow me on Tumblr if you like or you can subscribe to the feed. I think you’re going to like it there and I know I’ll enjoy it.