NSFW: New Selective Colour – Blue Yellow New art in new software

I’ve been playing around with Pixelmator a lot. Since I started using a Mac mostly on a full time basis, I’ve discovered why so many artists and creatives prefer OS X to everything else. Quite simply, if you want to create, the Mac is your playground. Why Windows and Linux aren’t busting ass trying to compete with this fact is beyond my ability to comprehend. Low latency music recording, better input for tablets, and the list goes on.

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Music Monday – Songs That Shouldn’t Be That Beautiful

Being a musician, I hear music everywhere. Sometimes that’s a blessing and other times it’s most certainly a curse. I’ve both amazed and annoyed friends and family by picking up the background music in a restaurant or store. It was so faint as to be barely noticeable but now they can’t help notice the fact that Madonna is belting out Get Into the Groove behind all the voices and chatter around them.

I also find music in odd places or, at the very least, wonderful music in places you might not expect. I wanted to share a couple of them because these songs still haunt me. Why? Because they’re songs that are incredibly beautiful and spring from surprising places. One is a lullaby from a children’s show and the other is a commercial jingle.

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Miru Kim – Naked In the City… Literally Urban exploration and nudity are a wondrous mix

miru-kimMiru Kim is one of god’s own creations. She’s an artist, photographer, and urban explorer who created a series called Naked City Spleen. It’s a simple execution at heart for she simply photographs herself nude while exploring the underlying (and overarching) world of the city. She’s a beautiful woman, but don’t let that distract you from the beauty of the city around her. In New York, France, Turkey, and beyond, she’s captured the cities of the world and herself within them. It’s inspiring, arousing, and fascinatingly beautiful.