A New Theme. A New Blog. New Ideas for Content.

If you’ve actually visited the site rather than read it through my RSS feeds, you’ll notice that I’ve been messing around with various themes and trying out new looks for the site. I wanted a minimalist type of theme, something that wasn’t as busy as Jukebox, but something that wasn’t as gridlike as PinBlack. I wanted a slider, but I wanted the slider to mean something and have a real presence on the site.

And then I found Pinboard, which has a gridlike layout, but not overly so. It’s got a lovely slider which is large and shows off the latest content. It brought back my sidebar, something missing from PinBlack, and I like the minimalist look to it.

Speaking of content, I wanted to create some content that wasn’t always worksafe. I watch, listen to, read, and then subsequently write about everything and some of those things aren’t safe to look at when you’re sitting at your desk at the office. There are essays, musings, and reviews I’d like to write about pornography and it’s cultural significance. There are darker things to write about that may not fit in too well here on this blog. For instance, my fascination with banned movies means I want to write about them. Thing is, if I do, then chances are I’ll want to include some pictures or clips from said movies. Those clips and images probably wouldn’t fit here so well.

No problem, I’ll just make a new site for that kind of thing. On a whim, I called it Euphemystique, and put it on Tumblr. I like the immediacy of Tumblr and, while there are long-form essays in the works for Euphemystique, I can also post a picture of something without comment and let the image speak for itself. Sometimes those images are of dark cyberpunk stuff, other times it’ll be erotic, then there will be other stuff that resonated with me and just doesn’t belong here. So, if you’d like to travel on the wilder side of my brain, check it out. For instance, you could start off with a 3,489 word essay/review about the pornographic classic, Deep Throat.

Finally, after telling you about all the content that doesn’t fit on here, I’ll be posting a lot of stuff that does, but it’ll be a little different too. Pinboard makes use of WordPress’ post type abilities. So, right now, if you look at the front page of the blog, you’ll notice that there are a couple of videos that you can play right there without reading the entire post. That’s intentional and I think it’s an excellent way to surface content. With that in mind, I’ll be posting more videos and images and, like Tumblr and Euphemystique, they may simply stand on their own. I’ll give them a title, but sometimes I just want the thing to speak for itself.

Thanks for checkout out my site, and I hope you enjoy the new stuff!

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