Acronym – Technological Fashion and Utilitarian Wardrobe

Acronym has to be one of the greatest clothing lines I’ve ever seen. I don’t give a damn about fashion, as my wardrobe will attest. You will find lots of plain t-shirts, cargo pants, plain polo shirts for work, and jeans. I wear Nike shoes because they actually make them in my size and I wear first responder boots because I can run in them just as comfortably as the Nike shoes.

I really have no need for any of these articles of clothing, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting them. The biggest problem is my environment. The Phoenix, Arizona area does not really see much need for a killer jacket or awesome coat. However, some of those messenger bags are top choice, my friends.

Besides the amazing creations, Acronym knows how to present their product. No models walking runways here. Just one guy, and he models it all, and you want it all because goddamn the presentation and production is amazing. Check it.

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