With Dr. Howard Carron, Tony Apodaca, and Daniel Messer
Monday September 25th 2017

Upcoming Shows!

After taking a hiatus due to a few things like:

  • Summer (which is like Christmas for librarians)
  • Hospital visits and surgery (Doc is recovering nicely and we look forward to his triumphant return!)
  • Moving the site
  • Equipment failure (a failed hard drive can really kill plans)

We are making our return to the Internet on August 5th!

After we put on our show at the Adult Services Retreat, we were invited to perform again¬†at the Arizona State Library! We’re very honoured and delighted that Shayna Muckerheide caught our act and liked it enough to ask us over to play at the Adult Services Summit being held at the historic Carnegie Library in Phoenix.

Once again, we’ll be recording a podcast live and in front of librarians from all over the State of Arizona. Our show will be a sequel to Caffeinated Roadrunning, so if you’ve not listened in on that one yet, go catch up! It’s short and I’m told it’s funny.

We’re recording in the afternoon and Dan should have everything edited and online by the evening of August 5th.

Thanks for listening and checking out our new site. We’re looking forward to hitting the Internet once more!

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