With Dr. Howard Carron, Tony Apodaca, and Daniel Messer
Monday September 25th 2017

Dan Messer

Daniel Messer is a public library circulation manager with a penchant for technology, science, science fiction, science fiction about technology, science fiction about library technology, and general geekery. He’s the one with all the gear and cables and doo-dads and whatsits that hook together to record, edit, and produce the show. See this website? He made it, blindfolded, while watching TV.

How could he watch TV blindfolded, you may ask? Some mysteries are best left unsolved.

Dan can write programmes in several different languages but tries not to since he’s not all that¬†good at it. He writes short stories and podcast scripts in one language, but he’s not too great at that either. ¬†He’s very active online as a blogger, podcaster, video podcaster, and online media producer. He has a degree in history and specializes in the history of science. He also has a background in astronomy and has a thing for exo-solar planetary systems and exotic stars.

When he’s not helping the good folks their public library, he’s a keyboardist and drummer for the Audacious Bibliosophs, an all librarian band.

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