With Dr. Howard Carron, Tony Apodaca, and Daniel Messer
Monday September 25th 2017

Basic Podcasting Info


So apparently you have some kind of interest in podcasting. Either that or you attended the talk that Tony and I put on at the Adult Services Retreat at the White Tank Branch. Either way, here’s some links, outlines, notes, and a picture of Jimmy Durante.


Our outline of our presentation. It’ll give you the main points we wanted to highlight.

The script of our performance. A little ditty by Dan Messer.


Skype. It’s like telephone, but for the Internet.

Audacity. A powerful, and free, digital audio workstation.

Adobe Audition. One of the best digital audio workstation packages available. Unfortunately, it is the very opposite of free.

iTunes. For you Apple folks.

DoubleTwist. A great iTunes clone for Android and other MP3 players.

Links- Websites

QC BOOKTALK. Our website for our podcast.

Internet Archive. Free hosting and podcasting capable.

Blogger. Wanna do a podcast? Gotta have a website.

WordPress. See: Blogger.

FeedBurner. Turn that RSS or Atom feed into a RSS 2.0 feed that’s iTunes ready. It even has the ability to tweak the feed specifically for podcasting and iTunes.

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