New Music – Starshine

Thanks to taking a week off of work, I actually got some recording done amidst all the other projects I’ve been working on! This is a song I wrote a while back, at least three or four months ago it seems. The sounds were there in my head, and it felt great to finally get it to a point where others could hear what I heard. One more song, and my latest collection of space music and ambient will be done. The album is called View From Amalthea, and it should be done before Christmas.

I’ve got not just one,  but two versions of this track. The space version and what I call the “terrestrial” verison. Why “terrestrial?” Because the spacey sounds have been removed and I think it makes it a different experience, even though it’s the same song. If you like it, you can hit the little downward pointing arrow on the side of the player and make it yours!

So lift your eyes skyward, and take in the beauty of the stars above you and around you. This is Starshine. Enjoy!

Vlog – On the Topic of Being Boring

I’ve been meaning to try the whole vlogging thing on a more regular basis. I kind of have things together where I need them to be and sat down yesterday to get a feel for the workflow and needs to make a halfway decent video. It’s quick, it’s dirty, but that’s the nature of being a vlog. They’re not meant to be indie epics or Hollywood blockbusters, they’re meant to be quick and dirty.

I still probably put more effort into this than is really required, but I wanted it to look nice.

Anyway, let’s talk about being boring.

NSFW – New Art

Support System
Support System

I wanted to try something  a bit more minimal than I usually do, which is kind of scary since I work very minimal already. I’m a fan of lines and colour, without a lot of extraneous detail. I love it when an artist makes my mind work a little bit to fill in some of the gaps. I found a few really lovely examples of this style on Tumblr, so I decided to give it a go on my own.

This is Support System, digital art in Photoshop. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I learned a lot when I was making it. I hope you enjoy it too. You can always find more of my illustrations in the gallery or on DeviantArt. I update both fairly simultaneously, so either one works.

New Art (NSFW) – Penciling

Lisa-Ann-SmallerLike many people, my first experience with art and drawing was simply a pencil and paper. Pencils are a great start to a young illustrator because, after all, you can erase your mistakes. Beyond that you can blend and darken and cross-hatch and so on. After a while, a lot of artists will abandon pencils or use them only for sketching and starting a project. Penciling is a step forward, a start, and no longer a finished piece.

Then there are those weirdos like me who still enjoys picking up a number two pencil, looking at a photo, and then drawing it. When I do a pencil drawing, I keep things very simple and that’s one of the reasons I want to do more of them — simplicity. All I need is my reference photo, a few sharpened number two pencils, an eraser or two, and a stump. (For those who don’t know, a stump is rolled up and compressed paper, used to blend graphite. I’ve also heard people call them “stubs.”) I love the rough look, the lines that aren’t too clean, but not too dirty either. It makes for a fun composition and a good time for the artist.

This latest bit is a simple pencil drawing of Lisa Ann, who happens to be an erotic performer. (Some would call her a porn star, but meh, if a trash man can be a “waste management and disposal technician,” then porn stars can be erotic performers.) I typically work from photographs on everything, even pictures of friends. After all, you can stand still for a few seconds and that’s easy. Standing still for long periods of time while I cuss over a line that I don’t like? That’s no fun for anyone involved.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded the picture to the Gallery. You can see more of my crap there.