NSFW – New Art

Support System
Support System

I wanted to try something¬† a bit more minimal than I usually do, which is kind of scary since I work very minimal already. I’m a fan of lines and colour, without a lot of extraneous detail. I love it when an artist makes my mind work a little bit to fill in some of the gaps. I found a few really lovely examples of this style on Tumblr, so I decided to give it a go on my own.

This is Support System, digital art in Photoshop. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I learned a lot when I was making it. I hope you enjoy it too. You can always find more of my illustrations in the gallery or on DeviantArt. I update both fairly simultaneously, so either one works.

New Art (NSFW) – Penciling

Lisa-Ann-SmallerLike many people, my first experience with art and drawing was simply a pencil and paper. Pencils are a great start to a young illustrator because, after all, you can erase your mistakes. Beyond that you can blend and darken and cross-hatch and so on. After a while, a lot of artists will abandon pencils or use them only for sketching and starting a project. Penciling is a step forward, a start, and no longer a finished piece.

Then there are those weirdos like me who still enjoys picking up a number two pencil, looking at a photo, and then drawing it. When I do a pencil drawing, I keep things very simple and that’s one of the reasons I want to do more of them — simplicity. All I need is my reference photo, a few sharpened number two pencils, an eraser or two, and a stump. (For those who don’t know, a stump is rolled up and compressed paper, used to blend graphite. I’ve also heard people call them “stubs.”) I love the rough look, the lines that aren’t too clean, but not too dirty either. It makes for a fun composition and a good time for the artist.

This latest bit is a simple pencil drawing of Lisa Ann, who happens to be an erotic performer. (Some would call her a porn star, but meh, if a trash man can be a “waste management and disposal technician,” then porn stars can be erotic performers.) I typically work from photographs on everything, even pictures of friends. After all, you can stand still for a few seconds and that’s easy. Standing still for long periods of time while I cuss over a line that I don’t like? That’s no fun for anyone involved.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded the picture to the Gallery. You can see more of my crap there.