New Music – Starshine

Thanks to taking a week off of work, I actually got some recording done amidst all the other projects I’ve been working on! This is a song I wrote a while back, at least three or four months ago it seems. The sounds were there in my head, and it felt great to finally get it to a point where others could hear what I heard. One more song, and my latest collection of space music and ambient will be done. The album is called View From Amalthea, and it should be done before Christmas.

I’ve got not just one,¬† but two versions of this track. The space version and what I call the “terrestrial” verison. Why “terrestrial?” Because the spacey sounds have been removed and I think it makes it a different experience, even though it’s the same song. If you like it, you can hit the little downward pointing arrow on the side of the player and make it yours!

So lift your eyes skyward, and take in the beauty of the stars above you and around you. This is Starshine. Enjoy!