Vlog – On the Topic of Being Boring

I’ve been meaning to try the whole vlogging thing on a more regular basis. I kind of have things together where I need them to be and sat down yesterday to get a feel for the workflow and needs to make a halfway decent video. It’s quick, it’s dirty, but that’s the nature of being a vlog. They’re not meant to be indie epics or Hollywood blockbusters, they’re meant to be quick and dirty.

I still probably put more effort into this than is really required, but I wanted it to look nice.

Anyway, let’s talk about being boring.

Hustlin’ Stars

My brain works in strange ways, and that’s assuming that it’s working at all. A while back something popped into my brain that hasn’t shown its face in years. That actually happens on a shockingly regular basis, where something appears out of nowhere holding a sign that says “Hey, do …