Cosmos 2014

You know what it takes to turn me into a six year old little boy?


I grew up watching Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. I own the entire series on DVD and I still watch them to this day. If there are famous people who shaped my life then it would be Vangelis who made me a musician, Isaac Asimov who made me a writer, James Burke who made me a historian, Patrick Nagel who made me an artist, and Carl Sagan who made me a scientist. When I heard that they were planning to do a new version of Cosmos I was skeptical until I heard that Ann Druyan (Carl’s widow) approves of it and that it would be hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. I mean it can’t get any better than that unless you somehow figured out how to bring Carl back from the dead.

Cosmos isn’t just a fantastic documentary to me, it was a formative part of my life. So I cannot wait to sit down and watch the new version with my kids!

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