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CreativeSpaceThe kids are older and no longer seem to need 24 hour overwatch to make sure they don’t do something like flush their socks down the toilet or accidentally drop a stove on the cat. I’ve set up my office and studio before but now, with my own room for it, I have some opportunities to make more stuff than ever before too.

The picture I posted yesterday is a good example of that. I’m already working on the next picture. I recorded a new song yesterday too. I’ll toss that up here later today most likely. You can also see my audio mixer there in front of my big-ass monitor (aka a 32 inch HDTV hooked to my Mac Mini via HDMI). That’s not an accident. I’ve never actually hooked that to a computer the way I’ve got it now. It was always a pass-through, a multi-tap for several mics which just routed to the computer. Now, the computer is an integrated part of the system and I can control the volume independently on the input and the output. That’s very important.

Especially when you’re finally going to pull the trigger on a podcast idea you’ve been kicking around.

I’ve got an idea or two for a podcast that I hope to get off the ground before Thanksgiving. I’d like to make it weekly, something like my Hyperlinked History podcast was. As much as I love making videos, and will continue to make videos, I still love “radio” and the simplicity of just sitting down in front of a microphone, and talking. More on the podcast idea later this week. I want to get a few more notes together and thoughts down on paper (either dead tree or digital) before I open my mouth about it.

The short of it is this, by mid-December I should have a new album out full of spacy, ambient tunes to relax and calm you. I should have several more drawings up and online. And I should have a podcast rolling along in semi-greased grooves. I’m looking forward to some new creative ideas, and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

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