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Daniel Messer
Technologist, Cyberpunk, Librarian, Creator.
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Hello. My name is Dan. I live online.

No, seriously, I do. My job, my passions, my hobbies, and my creativity all revolve around life online.

For instance, I’m a digital creative. I make videos, create digital illustrations, record music, podcast, and write online. I do this stuff quite frequently in several places. I’m an author and currently working on yet another book.

I’m a librarian and a Web Content Manager for a public library system in Arizona. I design, create, publish, and fix websites for the library. I’m also the guy in charge of the web side implementation of the library’s Polaris ILS installation. In other words, I do my best to make sure the public access catalogue is working, looks decent, and promotes library events. Before that, I was a Circulation Manager and worked in library circulation for 17 years.

I consider myself a cyberpunk — a devotee of high tech and low life — or at least high tech and low budget. One of my specialities is making tech work, and work well, even with a limited budget. (Or no budget at all.) As such, I’m a technologist with a broad background in various spheres like the usage and selection of operating systems, open source and proprietary software selection, web design, content management systems, and various kinds of creativity software.

Finally, I’m a historian specializing in the history of science.