Downtempo, Chill, and OceanLab

Every day, I listen to quite a bit of bouncy, uptempo music.

But not as much as I listen to chill out and downtempo.

I think it has something to do with my personality. I’m normally… well, frantic isn’t the word, more like frenetic. My mind is definitely a multi-track affair and that’s not something I’m saying to put forth an image that I’m smarter than the average bear. Actually, I would probably be a lot smarter if my mind wasn’t like that.

I need to do a thing to the library website. I should finish that book on Ruby programming. Oh my god, William Gibson has a new book out this fall. I really wanna play Remember Me, I should buy it when I get home. Look! Here’s a website with some free eBooks! I wonder what’s for dinner tonight. Should I go running?

It gets to be a little much.

So, because I’m not into taking drugs or smoking pot, I turn to the next best thing — downtempo music. It’s a soul-soothing thing where I can find something with a beat, but a soft melody underneath. It’s not driving, it’s not going to push me to greater things, at least not directly. It will calm me down, centre me, and allow me to breathe in, breathe out….


So, with that in mind, OceanLab. I’ve been digging on them for the last couple of days. You should too.

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