Found Music – Phrenia

A few days ago a Belgian friend of mine was looking for some music for a video project he was working on. Since this was a project for the Belgian ComicCon known as FACTS (Fantasy, Animation, Comics, Toys, and Space), he wanted something kind of geektastic and the thing that came to his mind was Japanese pop music. Needless to say I’m totally into the idea and start digging for Creative Commons licensed Japanese pop music that’d be friendly to his project, wouldn’t get him sued, or get a strike against him on YouTube.

So, good news/bad news time:

Phrenia in concert.
Phrenia in concert.

Bad News: There is a huge dearth of Japanese pop music available under Creative Commons. I intend to dig into this over the coming days but it seems that Japan doesn’t really have an online music scene like you see in the Americas and Europe. That’s a damn shame because I love Japanese pop. I quite literally listen to some of it every day.

Good News: I found a Japanese artist who does release her work under Creative Commons, on Jamendo, and she is amazing.

Phrenia, as she calls herself is a godsend to the project, and she’s cut some fantastic tunes. The first song I found by her was perfect, and then I just let the website play everything by her. Keeping in mind that I found this stuff early in the morning Arizona time, I went back upstairs and showered and got ready for work. After the drive to work I brought up her stuff again at my desk and listened to it while I coded.

So check her out, because not only is she awesome, but releasing under Creative Commons is a cool maneuver that I really respect. I especially recommend Yami No Candact (Yami no Conduct, actually but Japanese is weird when you translate it over the web.) She doesn’t seem to have her own website, but you can follow her on:

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