Fuck Your Update

So, this morning I had to update Flash….


I hate Flash. I really do. It’s got its uses, but so does cow manure. That doesn’t mean people need to spread either all over their websites, you know? So I wrote a little poem.

You should probably sing this poem. You should probably actually put it to the tune of Fuck the Police by NWA.

Maybe, together, we can rid the world of intolerance, racial hatred, homophobia, and Adobe Flash.

Fuck Your Update

Fuck your update coming straight from tha unda’ground
A young techie got it bad, but I’m down
With they bullshit or so Adobe thinks
They got the authority because they in the majority

Well fuck that shit cause I ain’t the one
For them punk motherfuckers with their Flash and then some
Damn McAfee bundle, or was it Ask dot com
They wanna install it all with they bundleware bomb

Fuckin with me ’cause I use a web browser
They don’t know I’m a fuckin’ rebel rouser
Rollin’ my bits, and rollin’ out the content
They thinkin’ every user is stupid with their assent

You’d rather see, me using Flash
Than me and my video – HTML 5-oh
Sure, I’ll install your stupid update
And when I’m finished, bring the yellow tape

To tape off my desk and workstation
‘Cause my browsing experience got mad negation
I don’t know if they dumb or what
I take they update down, and kick it in the nuts

But on the other hand, without Facebook they get none
Because them Facebook games run Flash but then some
Reminder is there to give y’all that shill
Gotta update ya Flash or ya can’t play FarmVille

This librarian will swarm
On any Flash update deviating from the norm.
Just because I’m from the Internet
Punk Adobe bundleware ain’t got through yet

Huh, a young geek on a warpath
And when I’m finished, Flash’ll need a sitz bath
‘Cause I beat Flash’s ass all day.
Yo, Dre, I got something to say.

Fuck your update.(Repeat x4)

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