I’m a Sysop… Again

So I was about to quit Facebook until my friend put me into an old-school BBS group.

See, back in the day, say 1992-ish, I ran a BBS in Yakima, WA. It was called

~*~ Digital Outback ~*~
Call 453-9006
Message Boards! G-Files! Downloads! Games!
LORD, LoD, Tradewars! and MORE!

Soon, I was reconnecting with people I hadn’t talked to in twenty years and knew only by their BBS handles. We’ve talked about WWIV BBS vs Telegard vs VBBS and RBBS and so on. The nostalgia flowed freely and it wasn’t long before I wondered, hey, maybe I could set up a telnet BBS. Even if no one uses it, it’ll be fun!

I wasn’t wrong. It’s been a lot of fun. So much fun that I want to share three things.

Thing One – Little Victories

2002 looked very different from the 1990s.

The hardest part of being a sysop, at least for me, was door games. Door games are external programmes run by the BBS that are, usually, games. Many of them were multiplayer text based sci-fi or fantasy games like Legend of the Red Dragon or Land of Devastation, or the well known TradeWars 2002. There were people who dialed up your BBS to do nothing but chat on boards and play games. That was one of the many reasons they were so damned fun.

Anyway, I’d always have an issue getting them set up and have to call up a friend or two to help. I never really knew what I did wrong, but something always went wrong and I couldn’t get the game running. So when it came time to set up a door game on my new board, I chose LORD (Legend of the Red Dragon) as my first. I downloaded it, read the docs, read the BBS docs on how to install it, and then…


I installed it.

Like, bang, got it on the first try. That’s never happened, and it feels damn good. Like, right now, teenage me is in an alternate universe pumping his fist and going “woot! woot! woot! because Arsenio Hall was really big at the time.

Thing Two – Launching Soon

This BBS that I’m working on? It’s almost ready to go. I’ve got message boards, games, and I’m working on a couple of small things to go with that stuff. I even made a logon ANSI that people will see when they sign in. It’s not great, but it’s not horrible either. More details to follow, but the BBS should launch around January 2014!

Thing Three – A New Podcast!

Coming soon, to this very blog, a podcast about nothing and everything! I’ve already got one podcast rolling over on Cyberpunk Librarian, but that’s got a techie library focus and, while I am a techie librarian, I’m more than that. See, I’m also a nerd.

And an artist, and a musician, and a citizen of the Internet, and…

Anyway, on the podcast we’ll talk about anything that’s kind of piqued my interest or something that’s just cool. Could be tech, music, games, video games, movies, pop culture, or figure skating. (It will probably not be about figure skating. Like, ever.) The first episode will be a bit techie, but old school techie in that I will share some details and stories about the old-BBS days and setting up a 20th century BBS in the second decade of the 21st century.

So join me, on The Far Side of the Net. Coming January 2014.


  1. Johnny aka jraz

    Cool dude, I want to play. I used to dial in to the Lighthouse. One of SLC’s larger board. Still can hear the modem at 2400 baud, my first, ringing in and proceeding with the handshake. Don’t think I can type that sound and will spare everyone from a sound byte.

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