Imogen Heap and the Magic Gloves

Imogen Heap is, without doubt, one of my favourite musicians. She is, at heart, a musical geek. Anything that beeps and plugs in is well within her scope of interest and, if she can make music with it, she certainly will. So, when she spoke with some MIT folks and discovered they had gloves that functioned as Ableton Live controllers, she jumped on them….

And had to wait over two years to get her hands on them, or in them as is the case this time around. Needless to say, when she did get some time with them, she made some really great music.

Beyond that, like all techy things, sometimes things go wrong. However, that only seems to heighten her enjoyment of the new technology. If you happen to be either a geek or a musician, or both, then this is the kind of thing you’ll be into as well. I’d love to try them, but I have a feeling they lie far outside my price point. Never mind, because I have no problem watching a master (mistress?) work with them.

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