Introducing My New EP – The View From Amalthea

I’ve had a love of space music for a long time now. I can literally put on headphones, kick back, close my eyes, and listen to space music and it’s almost exactly the same feeling as getting high on something. My mind experiences visions, I can walk across the surface of other planets, see into the depths of our own environment, and discover things about outer space and inner space simultaneously. I’ve often wanted to do a collection of space music, and now I have.

View-From-Amalthea-ForWebLet me introduce you to The View From Amalthea.

Inspired by an Asimov essay, Amalthea is a place with what would have to be one of the most spectacular skies in the solar system. It’s a near satellite of Jupiter and, from its position, Jupiter looms massively across the sky. However from another part of the small, captured asteroid, you’d be able to see the Galilean moons as visible discs.

That’s the kind of thing I see when I listen to space music and ambient.

If you’d like to listen to music from the realms of the cosmos, you have a few choices, because I’m all about the options. You can listen to the album on Bandcamp, where I’m selling it for US$4 or more. (Pay what you like, four dollar minimum.) However you can listen to the entire thing for free. Want to download the music, but don’t have the money right now? No problem, head over to my SoundCloud and you can download every track for free.

Or, finally, you could just hit play on the thing below.

Enjoy, relax, and thanks for listening!

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