Le Frisson – Girl Sings in Sign to Her Deaf Friend

There’s a thing that many of us experience from time to time where you see, read, hear, or otherwise experience something and it simply hits you with its beauty. You feel a noticeable shiver down your spine or throughout your body because of its awesomeness. This happens to me fairly often with music and books. There are certain things that bring a chill to my body and soul and it’s amazing.

The French call this Le Frisson, or “the shiver.” Frisson is absolutely physical in nature. You literally must feel it. It’s emotional, certainly, but it’s been linked to a rise in dopamine levels where you just suddenly feel wonderful.

This is one of those times, because this is a video of a woman at the 2014 Tomorrow World trance concert. Her friend is deaf, but in many cases this doesn’t matter because deaf people can still feel the beat and god knows trance music has a very progressive and powerful beat. However, she can’t hear the words to the song so her friend provides the translation. The wonderful thing about all of this is that you can absolutely sing in sign language. It becomes a wondrous combination of dance, speaking, communication, and expression that you don’t find in dance alone. Interpretation is everything and this is fantastic.

Oh and if you’re curious, the song she’s signing is U by Gareth Emery featuring Bo Bruce.

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