Music Monday – Pawws, for Reflection

The problem with pop music is, well, pop music itself. Pop music is meant to be something for the populace. People think that the “pop” music means popular as in “lots of people like it.” That’s not quite the case. It’s popular in that it’s aimed at a large section of the populace. They’re supposed to like it because they’re the target market, not because the song is particularly good anywhere else.

The thing is, popular music can be excellent if it’s given the chance. May I turn your attention to the PopTron station on Soma FM? Good stuff over there, man.

Good stuff right here, too, in the form of Lucy Taylor’s music project, Pawws. Pawws is tackling one of the most reviled eras in pop music, turning it on its head, and throwing it back at you with beauty and a cup of awesome. Her song Sugar invokes memories of roller disco, Studio 54, and a time when we were all duped into thinking leisure suits were sexy.

Leisure suits were never sexy, but Pawws is. She’s got it going with a disco vibe and a modern twist that I absolutely adore. Give her a shot.

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