Music Monday – Pop Goes Plastic With FEMM

I’ve often compared pop music to professional wrestling. There’s a gimmick to almost every successful act in the last twenty years of pop, if not longer. Some people are party animals. Others are innocent little ones who sing about love. Others are barely contained sex demons. In other words, they’re playing a role. If you think their on-stage persona is what they’re like in real life, then I bet you think that pro-wrestling is real.

With the complaints that pop music is so contrived and so manufactured and so plastic in nature, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that an act appeared that takes the plastic nature to a whole new level.  FEMM, aka Far East Mention Mannequins, are SW-000000 and MS-000000, aka RiRi and LuLa respectively. They are two Japanese women who pretend to be mannequins, perhaps in the style of Mannequin, and kick out the catchy pop tunes.

Good stuff, great gimmick, sexy display, and all around fun. Oddly enough, the video below is what got me into them because of the cyberpunk vibe throughout. Check ’em out.


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