Music Monday – Yes, I Like Yanni

A while back I had a lengthy conversation with some co-workers about a bunch of stuff and my taste in music came up. I explained that I love Vangelis and Yanni and instrumental artists along with the mystic vocals one hears in Enya or Jade Redd. Basically, I like dreamlike music quite a lot, including ambient. One of my co-workers jokingly said “The only thing I’ve found I can make fun of you for is the fact that you like Yanni.”

Well, yeah.

See, I got into piano and keyboards when I was five years old. I discovered Vangelis and his music from Cosmos and Chariots of Fire. I still think The City is one of the greatest albums ever made. Check that out if you have Spotify, you won’t be disappointed if you like instrumental with a bent toward prog rock. I discovered Yanni by accident because, for some reason, Reflections of Passion popped up on VH1. Go figure.

Not sure how that happened because, yeah, that’s not exactly the standard VH1 fare. Still, I loved the piano and I loved the orchestration. The video is kinda cheesy, but there’s only so much you can do when you’re an instrumentalist and keyboardist. With Yanni, I discovered another Greek instrumentalist with fantastic music. (Vangelis too, is Greek. His name is Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou where Yanni is Yiannis Chryssomallis.) I still listen to both of them today.

I’ve never had “guilty pleasures” when it comes to music. I love Britney Spears and I don’t care who knows it. I think Lady Gaga is a freakin’ genius. I also think the same of Tom Waits, but for totally different reasons. Picasso was a genius as is Lichtenstein. Just because they’re both painters doesn’t mean I expect the same things from them. So yeah, dammit, I do like Yanni and you can make fun of me if you want. I probably won’t be able to hear you, though, because I’ll have my headphones on while I’m jamming out to this.

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