My New Book!

Hi all!

My latest book, All My Rattling On: Essays, Musings, and Rants on Libraries, Technology, and Science is available in the Kindle Store!  If you want to know what it’s about, well, here’s the description:

Libraries, technology, and science – these are a few of Dan’s favourite things.

Collecting essays and rants on all of these subjects, All My Rattling On not only dives into those singular topics, but also their intersections with each other. RFID in libraries, online piracy, and the oceans of Enceladus — these are just a handful of the topics examined and explored. It’s a captivating buffet featuring a wide range of ideas and thoughts. Dan is never boring, often entertaining, and lacks any ability to keep his mouth shut or his hands off a keyboard. Once again he delivers another collection of essays to make you think and, just maybe, make you wonder.

So yeah, if you have the interest, and you have five dollars, and you have some method of reading a Kindle eBook, then you are set! Pick up a copy today!

I’ll be writing more about the book later on too. As things go, there’s some interesting decisions, designs, and delusions that went into the making of this book. Anyway, why are you still here? Head on over to Amazon and grab your copy!

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