New Art – Over Her Shoulder

EDIT: Oops! It posted a saved version and not the latest version! Here’s the full illustration and you can see more of my crap in my gallery!

For the last few months we’ve had family staying at the house and occupying a guest room we had set up just for such a thing. That’s fine, but the thing is, this house really isn’t built for more than four people and sometimes the noise and the activity got to me. It made it hard to do things that I really enjoy doing just simply because I can only drown out so much. That’s not a problem, and I was happy to have them here and visiting, but it’s also lovely that they’ve since moved into their own houses and we can visit. It gives all of us a reason to go out now.

Anyway, the upside to that is that I took over the guest room and, for the first time in a few years now, I have my own studio space! I’m going to write up a blog post on that later on, but for now it’s fantastic having my own space to create things. After I got it set up, I’ve been more creative (and creatively minded) in the last week than I have been in the last few months. Setting things up took some time as I acquired a Mac Mini for music and art composition and then had to get that set up for my needs and wants. That done, however, I sat down to do something I wasn’t able to do for a long time.

Digital illustration.

For those who might be new here, I draw on several influences for my art. I do digital illustration and I call it that because what I do is far too simple to call “digital painting.” I’m not mixing colours or layering virtual oils on canvas. No, I’m just layering stuff, drawing, and colouring. That’s illustration, or at least it is to me. In my studies and readings, I’ve grown to adore several styles and artists. Patrick Nagel remains my all time favourite, but I also love Lichtenstein’s pop art along with the illustrative designs of Art Deco advertisement and posters. Even with those influences, I learned a considerable amount from Scrojo, Harvey Kurtzman, Gil Elvgren, and Robert Crumb. So if you spot anything original in any of my work, you’ve made a mistake.

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it and I love working with Photoshop on the Mac and drawing with a Wacom tablet. It’s truly a different experience than doing it on Windows or Linux and it’s better than my trust old Aiptek tablet which I now use at work.

Anyway, this one is just kind of me getting back into the groove and finding my workflow again. I call it Over Her Shoulder. Like almost all of my work I start out with a photo, do some penciling, scan the pencils, and the everything from there is digital. Hope y’all like it and there will be more to come soon!

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