New Art – Red & Blue

Red & Blue - Digital Illustration
Red & Blue – Digital Illustration

I’ve been trying to better schedule my days, so I actually have time set aside for creative endeavours. For those who might be new to my crap, I do a lot of creative stuff. I’m an illustrator (as you can see here), I make videos, I write, I compose music, and so on. Basically, at my core, I like to create things. My biggest problem hasn’t been the creativity, but the time to make it happen. I’ve decided to take a look at how my day is laid out, what I typically do, and when I can schedule time to make things. From what I’ve seen so far, it’ll be after 8pm. The kids will be in bed, homework will be done, and I can sit down in my studio. I’ve got a second monitor in here hooked to a PS2 that makes for a lovely DVD player if I want to watch something while I work. I’ve also got documentaries, music, and nerd stuff I can watch or listen to while I work.

Speaking of work, here’s something I finished over the weekend. Simple stuff, but I like simplicity and minimalism in art. This one is called Red & Blue. I hope you enjoy it and, if you do, you can find more of the same in the Gallery!

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