New Music – Gravitational Slingshot

Headphones not required, but they’d definitely help.

My work on a new album of ambient and spacy music continues with this track, invoking the feeling of sailing through space on waves of gravity. The gravity assist maneuver is well known to astronomers and astronomy fans. Basically, you can use the gravitational field of a large body, like Jupiter for instance, and by some careful maneuvering you can fall into the gravity well like a skateboarder dropping into the half pipe. You go sailing out the other side with a free speed boost that didn’t cost any energy on your part and robbed only a miniscule amount of orbital energy from the planet. (Jupiter has plenty of orbital energy, it won’t miss it.)

Anyway, this is Gravitational Slingshot, a space jazz little number that will be on my upcoming album! Enjoy!

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