New Music – Still Alive (The Mirror’s Edge one, not the Portal one.)

mirrors-edge-cityscapeI’ve been into video game music since the days of the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. There are tunes from those old cartridges I still play on a regular basis because they’re both fun and challenging. It blows my mind to see what they could do with such a limited voice palette and space on the ROM.

Obviously as video games evolved, so did their music. The 16-bit consoles arrived and brought even better sounding music, and by the time the 64-bit consoles showed up, the music sounded like something off a CD. Now video games have fully symphonic, highly polished music that literally sells on CDs and online services. Video game soundtracks kind of went mainstream, though it’s unlikely you’ll ever hear some on the radio. (Unless we’re talking Internet radio, then NoLife-Radio has your ticket.)

That’s not a bad thing in my mind. There’s some fantastic music in video games and people, even the players, usually don’t stop to really enjoy it. That’s why, when Mirror’s Edge came out, I thought it was awesome that they bothered to do up an original song with a talented singer, the alluring Lisa Miskovsky, and then made a music video to tie it all together. Also, the song is gorgeous. As a keyboardist, I love the attention given to the piano and how it brings everything into a cohesive song. Lisa’s singing and a killer piano make it all work so well.

So I’ve wanted to record a cover of this one for a while. I finally got the time to do so. This is Still Alive, from the Mirror’s Edge original soundtrack. Enjoy.

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