New Song – Albedo 0.29

One of the reasons I bought a Mac has to do with its musical abilities. I’ve tried to compose, with some success, music on PC based digital audio workstations. I’ve turned out some decent stuff (or at least I think it’s kind of decent) but it was always a bit of a struggle. Sometimes things didn’t record properly, or they sounded odd even though I’d not changed any settings. I never got MIDI to work on a PC in any way that I considered satisfactory.

Meanwhile, over on the Mac, I plug everything in, set my voices, arrange my tracks, and press record. After that I mix down and save the song. Mindblowing, I tell you.

One of the greatest  electronic albums ever made.
One of the greatest electronic albums ever made.

This is the first song I recorded on the new Mac. It’s a pastiche and a bit of an homage in the same place. The music of Vangelis got me into music to begin with, so it made some sense to look back on that for a few minutes. 1976 saw the release of Albedo 0.39, a space concept album from which a couple of songs were used for the documentary Cosmos. Flash forward to today and my son Iain has an interest in mythology and a thing for the planet Neptune. The song Albedo 0.39 is about Earth, so I though I might adapt it, create a song about Neptune in a similar style.

Besides, I’ve been wanting to try my hand at a more ambient style anyway.

So this one goes out to my boy and I hope y’all enjoy it too. This is Albedo 0.29.

You can always find more music over on my music page too. More to come!

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