Play My Playlist and Chill

As regular visitors will note, I frequently post a new video here every so often and it’s always a music video. I listen to music almost all the time not just because I love it, but also because I’m a musician myself. I listen to everything, but for the most part, my favourite music is downtempo and chillout. I like something with a beat, sure, but I want it to be mellow and grooving more than I want hard and rocking. (Nothing wrong with hard rock, I listen to that too.) It’s just that, during the day I usually don’t want the driving music.

I just want to chill out and do my job.

So I’ve been slowly building a Spotify playlist. It’s got some of the music already appearing here on the blog and will grow over time. You’re going to find mostly chill tunes here, with some differences here and there. Even if you’re not hooked up with Spotify, you can listen to my set right here on the site. Just dig on the new playlist featured on the sidebar, and press play.

I’ll be adding to that list all the time. Sometimes every day because, as I find new music, I want to share it.

So kick back, and chill.


  1. Just my kind of music! I’ve got plenty more artists you might want to look into if you’re into various types of chillout…

    Motorcycle (esp. Gabriel & Dresden Chill mix)
    Conjure One
    some post-prog (Hammock, for example, but also some Sigur Ros)
    Groove Armada
    Zero 7
    Smoke City
    Jonsi & Alex
    Dead Can Dance
    Lemon Jelly

    • Daniel Messer

      Excellent! I’ll add those to my radar and get on the hunt for them. I recognize many of those artist and yes, they’re really good. I have a pretty random way of adding to that list. I have maybe, I don’t know, half a dozen audio streams I listen to. Whenever something pops up that I like, I jot it down, and check Spotify to see if they’re in there!

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