Ramping Up My Sites – New Year’s Resolutions


I want to get back into blogging in a major way. Things have finally calmed down a bit in my life. I have kids capable of entertaining themselves and are willing to do so most of the time now. I don’t always have to be in the same room with them to make sure they down swallow the TV and get electrocuted or construct a working shotgun out of Lego. Indeed, the last big problem my son faced, entertainment wise, was a glitch in Minecraft. My daughter, well, like my son she got a Nabi tablet for Christmas and they’ve thoroughly fallen in love with them. Those tablets have games, educational stuff that they actually like, kid safe browsers, and that whole bit.

Oddly enough the tablets have helped me too. See, I’ve recently learned how to use my router to restrict and lock down Internet access based on MAC addresses and do so at given times during the day. At 7:30 pm, those things lose their connection to the Net. That way we have half an hour to get ready for bed.

My job has settled a bit, though it’s not any less busy. The difference is that I kinda sorta know what the hell I’m doing now, so I don’t go to work with this cloud of anxiety hanging over me and wondering “Oh shit…. what do I do if X happens?” Anyway, I want to do more with my sites, and I have several of them with a new one coming soon. By “several” I don’t mean “a lot” and one of those sites pretty much updated with two mouse clicks. (Surprise, it’s a Tumblr site.) To that end, let me tell you about my sites, where they are, and what I do there. Then I can go into what I intend to do with them!


Daniel Messer – aka this site. This is my personal blog and I’ve done very little with it recently. That’s going to change as I also pursue other new year’s resolutions.  (More on that later.) However I can say that I’m going to be more creative this year than ever before. I’m working on digital paintings thanks to my new Wacom Bamboo tablet, a device I’d have sex with if it had the proper facilities for doing so. (I’ve submitted an enhancement request to Wacom.) I’m also taking more pictures, working on music, and generally trying to make more of a creative mark in 2013 than I did in 2012. (Fortunately/unfortunately, that’s not going to be hard because I didn’t do much in 2012.)

I’m writing more often, and I want to share that. Also, I want to post more of the things I find online or share some of the cool stuff friends shared with me. So not all of my posts here will be lengthy screeds about whatever. Kind of like this one, now that I look at the word count. (440 according to WordPress.)

Felicia Day and a library. These are a few of my favourite things.
Felicia Day and a library. These are a few of my favourite things.

Not All Bits – This is is my library and information culture site. I don’t write here very often, but that’s going to change. I’m also going to be re-launching my show, Cyberpunk Librarian. I’ve actually got a post that’s about ready to go so that will be up and running soon.

For those who don’t know, I’ve switched jobs and, after 17 years in Circulation, I’m working in Library IT as a Web Content Manager. So when I say I live life online, I really mean it now as I’m also earning my living online. At one point I said I’d never work in IT, and really, I don’t. I’m not a tech. I have a very small sphere of responsibility in that I’m your guy for public facing websites. The back end and intranet is handled by a far more capable man than I. So when things break or need attention, if it’s not the website, then I’m not involved. I basically put things online, something I’m fairly good at.


Maximum relaxation.
Maximum relaxation.

This is the aforementioned Tumblr site. It has nudity, sexuality, homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, and houseplants. I’m lying about the houseplants. To my mind, erotica and pornography are art forms. Like many other art forms, there is crap and excellence. So that site is mostly just a place to share images that I think are particularly good. If such things offend you, I suggest you don’t go there.

Finally, I’m going to be launching a new site later this month that explores the topics of erotica and pornography more thoroughly than Collected Development ever could. It’s not quite ready, but I’m really excited for this one as I might even have some collaboration from friends on it. Either way, if you see something more to porno than most people do, this new site might be worth your time.

Thanks for reading, there’ll be more here later on!

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