Running to Nowhere

I never liked running on treadmills on that much. I’ve always been one of those weirdos who, if I’m going to run, I want the scenery around me to change. Sure, I wind up running in a circle because, after all, I leave home and usually wish to return to it. At least the world moves around me as I move through it.

Then I got a new job where I’m working four ten hour days.

Coming home after a long day only to leave again for another forty minutes seemed like a lousy thing to do. So when my wife brought up getting a treadmill from the neighbour, I figured it for a decent idea since I could get my run in without leaving home. So far, it’s been worth it. We put it in front of the telly, which means I can watch cartoons on Netflix while I run — something I probably shouldn’t try while running out in the real world.

The only downside is the distance meter on it. I know how fast I run, and I know how far I run, and I know that in 35 minutes I run five kilometers, or just over three miles. According to this thing, I run 2.5 miles in the same time. I think that part is off, but oh well. For 30 minutes, I can get my run, and stay home, and watch cartoons.

I think they call that a win/win scenario.

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