Some Thoughts on Instagram

Look, I’m not into the whole middle finger in the air, shouting “FUCK YOU, INSTAGRAM” trip that’s making the rounds of the Net right now. The changes that recently came to Instagram are no surprise to any technology buff following the industry because, when they sold to Facebook, you should’ve seen something like this coming.

I’m still deleting my account though.

I’m doing that for two reasons. One’s a big one, the other is a smaller reason. First, the big one:

1.) I have no problem with someone selling my photos, and would actually welcome such an income stream. Unfortunately, Instagram wants to sell my content, content I created and generated, and pay me nothing. Funny, I’m told that taking something you didn’t make and selling it is also called “piracy.” I guess it’s okay when a corporation does it.

2.) Have you tried to find a photo on Go to Instagram and search for a photo of, say, “library books.” Go ahead. Try it. Or I can save you the trouble and tell you that you can’t search for photos on Instagram. Now you can search Instagram photos via another website, but well… since Instagram shut off their Twitter connections, how long do you think those websites will last? My point is, you can use Flickr for discovery. You can use your blog for discovery. You can use a lot of things for discovery, except Instagram. I like discovery. It’s why I listen to Pandora and online radio. Discovery drives me to YouTube because I can find stuff like the thing I searched for, but that isn’t exactly like the thing I searched for. As a professional content creator, I visit Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, Fotopedia, and other sites every day and I do it for one reason — to discover something.

I’ll be killing my account later this afternoon. Does that mean I’m going to stop sharing photos online? Nah. See, I have a website of my own, I have Google+, I have Flickr, I have Gallery on my website. I’ve got dozens of methods at my disposal that allow me to share my photos, sell them, and find them in ways that are far better than Instagram.

Oh and if I sell them, I get to keep the money. All the money.

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