Spectra – Chiptunes by Chipzel

A while back, around the same time I finally settled on a look and feel for this site, I updated my tagline at the top. For the longest time it simply read “Online creativity.” That expressed my vision of this site as being a place for me to share my own creative works and the silly shit I’m working on at any given time. Thing is, I wanted to share things from other artists working and sharing online.

Being a tech and a web guy, I revel in the fact that an artist can finish something and share it with the world in a few seconds. It’s amazing to me, even now, that someone can share their work in seconds and then others can re-share it across the web and across online services like Instagram, Vine, and so on. That’s what prompted me to change that tagline to additionally read “The web’s biggest fan.” The web has introduced me to more art, more music, more movies, and more interesting creativity than MTV, Entertainment Weekly, art magazines, and television combined.


For instance, let me introduce you to the chiptune wonder that is Chipzel. I would never have heard of her if not for the Bandcamp website introducing to artists I like based on other artists I like. I can decide very quickly whether or not her music is for me by clicking play on the website. I can listen to all of her stuff right there and then buy the album. After all that time, this kind of service still blows my mind. Not so long ago, I couldn’t listen to anything on a CD unless I’d already heard a track or two on the radio. Now, I can listen to entire albums before dropping money on them.

Chipzel is a Northern Irish musician who composes killer tunes with a couple of Gameboys and some software. Dig on Spectra for a great start to her catalogue and I highly recommend Forged in Stars as an introductory track. It’s techno in nature, but that 8 bit feel makes it even better.

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