The Girl and the Robot

As you can see, I’ve done some changing up of look and feel. I wanted to get to something a little more minimalist. Something that wasn’t so cluttered but still functional. I’ve never been a huge fan of sliders and stuff, but I liked the theme enough to put up with it. Thing is, I wanted something lighter, but still cool looking. So after some looking around I’m rolling with the Sunspot PinBlack theme from the WordPress Themes Directory.

Anyway, I still want to post music videos and stuff, so I’m going to. I want to post them more frequently, and so I will. More than anything else, I want to post more and share more. After sharing stuff on social networks, I find I’m neglecting my own website to share things on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. It’s kinda dumb, really, since my site shares out to those social networks on its own. So with that, here’s the first of several music bits that are going up over the next few days and weeks.

Robyn is a completely underrated dance and pop singer who’s got original flow and a sound all her own. Meanwhile, Röyksopp is well known for backbeat ethereal. So like peanut butter and chocolate, when you put them together you get something pretty damn tasty… audially speaking. Also, watch my playlist on the sidebar. I add stuff to that every week, sometimes every day. You’ll find this track, The Girl and the Robot, on there as of a few minutes before this post went live.

Yes, it’s that fast sometimes!

Another Country

I have strange musical memories, from times that I don’t always care to remember. For me, middle school sucked. I know I’m not alone in that regard, but I was overweight, shy, nerdy, and unable to play sports due to hemophilia and a complete lack of interest. That singled me …