Va Va La Voog

Back in the halcyon days of the Internet there was this phenomenon based around live streaming your life… one photo at a time. Before broadband was ubiquitous and before streaming video was something you could do at the click of the mouse, there were people who hooked up webcams in their houses, apartments, and domiciles and simply let you look at them. You’d see them doing mundane things like folding laundry. You might catch them masturbating. It wasn’t even a sex show, as you see with today’s cam girl. No, it was just that, at that moment, the person was a little horny and needed some me-time.

JenniCam was a prime example of this, but there were others. One of my favourites to peek in on was Ana Voog, the woman behind AnaCam. The biggest difference between Ana and Jenni is, while Jenni could be seen as a technological concept artist, Ana Voog is a technological performance artist. So her cameras were always a little more interesting to me in that sense, because Jenni was there to be seen while Ana was interested in putting on a bit of a show.

Ana Voog, a woman of letters.
Ana Voog, a woman of letters.

Ana is also a helluva talented musician and I rediscovered her work a couple weeks back when, for no discernible reason, her website popped into my brain. She’s got a wonderful style with a playful, yet almost haunting voice. Back then, you could buy tracks from her site, which was a novelty in itself. Now, you can listen to her on YouTube and other places around the Net. Dig on both of these tracks, especially Telepathic You, a song I’ve found to be incredibly catchy.

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